How long does it take to have my game produced?

Games typically take 16-24 hours to produced. Things that can affect production time are:

a) poor quality video

b) illegible or no game sheet uploaded

c) game request made with less 7 days notice

Why do I need a game sheet?

Our production team uses the gamesheets for several reasons:

a) enter rosters for both teams

b) verify certain data points with the game clock such as goals and penalties


Can I upload multiple video files?

Yes you can upload as many files as you would like. We only ask that you follow these guidelines:

a) video files are less than 2GB each

b) each video file is labelled so that we know the order they appear in - 1st period, 2nd period etc...

Can I edit my video from my TPE Team dashboard?

Yes you can do several things when creating "teaching or highlight" videos from your Team dashboard:

a) By using our drawing tool you can illustrate all video clips

b) You can lengthen or crop video clips

c) You can play video clips at a faster or slower speed than real game speed

Can I share video clips with my players?

Yes you can by either pasting the URL attached to the clip and send to a players email directly. You can also download the clip to your desktop and share from there.

Do my game credits carry over from year to year?

No, we do not roll credits over to the following year if they go unused. We suggest that you purchase less credits to begin the season and then purchase additional credits when you have used all of those credits.

How can I purchase additional credits?

Once you have exhausted you credits that were purchased initially, you can purchase more credits on your Team calendar.

Is there training that is provided if I should purchase TPE Team?

Yes, we will schedule a training session with the staff members that are going to be actively using the TPE Team portal.

All we ask is that you work with us to ensure that everyone from your organization is on the call so that we don't have any miscommunication.