Mark Yates, Vice President of Sales

The Prospect Exchange, LLC

-Seattle, WA Today, The Prospect Exchange (TPE), a leading performance analysis solution dedicated to the sport of ice hockey, and the University of Quebec Trois-Rivieres, announced that TPE will provide data review of recent women’s international games to display how in depth data can enhance scouting reports.

“The University of Quebec Trois-Rivieres and Jean Lemoyne are the standard of excellence with regards to hockey and the use of data”, said Mark Yates, Vice President of Sales for The Prospect Exchange. “We are proud that they have decided to test our platform and data for this project, and look forward to seeing the results.”

“TPE is a new platform to the market with fresh ideas that are exciting,” said Jean Lemoyne, Professor in the Department of Human Kinetics. “It is our goal to continue to aid in the development of hockey players throughout Quebec and beyond. This project is another step in the direction of improving development in hockey, and we are excited to use the TPE platform for this project.”

In this project the advanced data and video that is provided by TPE will be utilized to further support and substantiate the current standard reports provided by scouts. The power of TPE is in the hundreds of metrics that are measured including: time on ice, shots, assists, goals, saves, and hits. Additionally, more advanced metrics such as xG and Corsi are available.

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About The Prospect Exchange

Founded in 2018, The Prospect Exchange provides video based performance analysis for ice hockey federations, leagues and teams. TPE serves a rapidly growing list of clients from across North America and around the world ranging from youth hockey to professional teams.  As a market leader exclusively focused on ice hockey, the company delivers high quality data, in-depth analysis, and fast turnaround.