Hockey analytics and leading video company deliver
powerful coaching and recruiting tool  

St. Louis Park, MN – MNHockey.Tv and the Prospect Exchange (TPE) announced today a partnership to extend player development and recruiting to levels never seen in high school sports. The unique agreement merges the high-end video and state-of-the art coaching and player recruitment tools.  

Add on to the agreement already executed with the Minnesota Hockey Coaches Association (MHCA), this agreement provides analytics and data for teams and players by TPE through MNHockey.Tv’s unique coaching platform. Every team has access to full game analytics video and every player has the ability to create a player profile to communicate and connect with next-level coaches, scouts, and teams.  

“We have always put the team and player first since we began our journey in 2006,” said MNHockey.Tv’s Director of Hockey Media Services Pete Waggoner. “Our agreement with TPE extends our agreement with the MHCA and Legacy. Hockey that already delivers a high-end product for all. It allows for Minnesota High School Hockey to be a great place to not only play and develop the game but be recognized and recruited to the next level.”  

Teams will be able to take advantage of the in-depth analytics after each of their games which will open up coaching moments for each team. With the never-seen-before combination of the Spiideo Perform coaching tool that allows for live tagging and the depth of TPE’s analytics, there is not a high school league in the nation that has this depth of tool available at the team’s finger-tips which is fitting for the highly revered Minnesota hockey league.  

“The TPE mission is two-fold,” said TPE Co-Founder and Managing Partner John Becanic. “First, we want to provide the individual player with an opportunity to develop and advance their game. Second, we wanted to provide coaches and scouts a platform to evaluate and communicate with players free of cost to their program.”  

Making it all possible is the 4k high-resolution video provided by MNHockey.Tv through the Spiideo system. “It is one thing to knock off a game or two but to scale to a total of 273 girls’ and boys’ teams is a legitimate challenge and never has been done before, anywhere,” Waggoner said. “Our goal has been to include every program and today, we are proud to say we are doing just that from a team, player, and fan experience,”  

The video quality allows for an efficient delivery of results from TPE to their customer that is the
teams and players. “We believe that MNHockey TV and their use of Spiideo video is the gold standard when it comes to streaming and video quality. We want to provide our users, both players and coaches, with the best possible results and Spiideo will certainly deliver that.” 

For TPE information contact: John Becanic

For MNHockey.Tv information contact: Pete Waggoner

ABOUT TPE: The Prospect Exchange was launched at the start of the 2019-2020 season.  Based out of Blaine MN, The Prospect Exchange now offers two products, TPE Team and TPE Player. TPE Player has quickly become one of hockey’s most popular platforms that connects players, coaches, and scouts using TPE’s unique communication tool. TPE Team is set to launch in the summer of 2022 with its Premium and Super-Lite Products.