Where do I get my video from?

You can use any game video recorded from your tablet, phone, or handheld camera. We accept most video files as long as they a smaller than 2GB. 

If your games are streamed on Hockey TV, and you have a Hockey TV account, you can download them from their website. If you don’t have an account, our staff can download them for you. 

If you have a link to the video (YouTube, Dropbox etc.) you can also attach that using the link on the game creation page.

What should I know when recording my game?

Please record the entire game, not just when you are on the ice. Be sure that you are not zooming in on one player, the viewing should always be of at least one zone, including all of the skaters. Remember, if you can’t see the numbers through your screen, neither will we be able to.

Where do I get the game sheet from?

All USA Hockey and Hockey Canada sanctioned games require a game sheet. Most leagues/tournaments now have digital game sheets online that allow you to download. If you do not have access to the digital copy of the game sheet, a clear screenshot/picture of the game sheet will suffice. Be sure that all names and numbers are clear and legible.

How long does it take my games to be produced?

Once we have verified that we have the correct game sheet and the video quality is sufficient to produce, our team typically will have your game produced and populated within 7 days.

How do I share my video and analytics with coaches?

TPE has a one-of-a-kind communication tool that allows you the player to communicate with coaches directly from your TPE dashboard. Using the search engine or search filters, you have access to over 2,500 coaches throughout North America that use TPE as a recruiting source.

I have created an account but can’t see my games.

Often the simple solution to this is to, close all of your windows, and then clear your browsing history and cache on your device. Once you have done this, log back into TPE and see if your games populate. If for some reason your games still don’t appear, please email us at info@thepropsectexchange.com

What coaches can view my video?

TPE is totally free to all coaches. Coaches simply need to create an account and they can view the thousands of players in our database.

How will I know if a coach has viewed my video?

Every time a coach logs into TPE and views your video, the coach's name, team and date they viewed will be displayed on your dashboard under “Profile Views”.

What team should I list when creating my profile?

Always list the club team you will be playing on for the current season. Although your game video may be from a summer tournament or showcase, it is better to have your account display the team you will be playing the majority of your games for.

Where can I contact you?

You can contact us anytime!
Email: info@theprospectexchange.com
Phone: 425-879-4931
Schedule a demo here

My team uses another service (InStat, HUDL etc.) can I still use TPE?

Absolutely! You can purchase game credits and TPE will produce those games and populate them to your TPE account.